Shirley Huang

Shirley Huang


As a young marketer and now Editor at Pointshogger, who loves to travel, Shirley has visited many parts of the world including Europe, Asia, North America as well as Africa. Studying International Business and Marketing, Shirley has been given the opportunity to study abroad in Singapore and Taiwan learning about their cultures and lifestyles.

As a child, she has always longed for a career where she can travel to foreign countries and introduce them to the world. She realized that she needed to start small, so marketing products and services to those who were not familiar with it would be her preliminary step.

When travelling became a frequent hobby for Shirley, she decided that signing up for a rewards card would be an ideal decision. Shirley has been a member of Aeroplan and Air Miles for over a decade, collecting points each time she travels. She has also stayed at hotels situated all over the world ranging from 2 stars to 6 stars; she’s become an expert in hotel bookings and standards.

At the moment, asides from her personal credit card portfolio which includes cards such as the MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard, American Express Gold Rewards Card, Best Western Rewards MasterCard and RBC Infinite Avion Visa Card, Shirley is also focusing on a business credit card portfolio. As a business owner, she loves using websites like and to make business purchases.

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